Boston: fresh fruit & free parking

FREE PARKING! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love anything free. This weekend we went into the city for the day. It was quite nice to experience Boston on a warm day because the previous times we went it was rainy and cold.

We were headed out that way because Alex had an English test to take to prove he can, you know, speak English and such, and I tagged along for the ride and I figured why not find a nice coffee shop and get some work done.

For those of you interested in free parking. I will start out by saying, we haven’t gotten a ticket parking here and if you abide by the signs you won’t have a problem either. I always get nervous parking in big cities because there has been times I thought it was fine to park and then came back to a pretty hefty ticket on my front window. So this is your “at your own risk” warning.  

One thing about Alex and I is when we go anywhere we will walk a mile if it means saving a buck, and in Boston you will be saving quite a few bucks. Now, this only works on Saturdays and Sundays, but if you cross out of downtown Boston and enter Charlestown you can street park for no charge. However, if you don’t get there before or around 9:00 AM it’s quite difficult to find a parking spot. We like to make the extra small drive up to Bunker Hill because the walk down the streets and out of Charlestown are beautiful.


After dropping Alex off I parked the car and enjoyed my packed breakfast on a bench in front of the Bunker Hill Monument. Anyone wanting to enjoy this place with some peace and quiet should come earlier in the morning. I think I saw two people in the 45 minutes I sat up there. Then I walked the approximate mile into downtown to find my coffee shop and work.


Soon enough Alex was finished with his testing and we went and sat in the Boston Common drinking up the sun. The beautiful thing about this place is the view of all the high-rise buildings surrounded by old historic brick buildings, and in spring all the  blooming flowers. As the sun started to go down and the cold New England breeze took over we headed to the Haymarket.



The Haymarket is an outdoor fruit and veggie market that has been around since 1820. It is our favorite thing to do in Boston because you can get loads of fresh produce for cheap Cheap CHEAP. It’s on the North End of Boston near Faneuil Hall so if you are planning on walking around for the day or doing the Freedom Trail, park and Bunker Hill, do the trail starting from there, and at the end come here and shop. The later in the day you go the better the deals become.

Oh, and make sure you walk around a little bit before you purchase, some of the prices change drastically from merchant to merchant. To throw out some prices: 2 lbs of roma tomatoes $2, 7 packages of blackberries for $5, 4 (1lbs) strawberries for $5, and a whole honeydew for $1, 7 red bell peppers for $2, a whole HUGE green cabbage for $1.

At the end of a long day we headed back to our car, arms filled with sacks of fresh produce and proceeded to feast on strawberries the entire car ride home.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Boston?

Lost in Boston During a Blizzard

Deciding to move to New England (USA) during the middle of winter when a blizzard is on it’s way isn’t the brightest of ideas, but when is timing ever perfect? Are we right?

I (Stacey) landed at Boston Logan Airport around 5:30 P.M. just as the sun was setting and rushed out of the airplane to grab my rental car. Normally I would just figure out public transportation, but since we were making a more permanent move we needed a car for the first few weeks while we settled. I started this adventure out on my own as Alex had to finish up some business in Germany. He would be joining me the next week. Sitting in my new rental car with my GPS in toe I headed out into Boston.

Now for those of you who haven’t been to Boston it’s like a maze, and if you take one wrong turn you have to drive 3 miles before you can even (try to) turn around. Well… I made this mistake about three times in a row before I pulled over with frustration. I felt defeated after no sleep the night before, a 2 hour train ride, 10 hour flight with a stop over, and now I was lost just as Winter Storm Niko started to bless the East Coast with its presence. After taking a few minutes to figure out where I was going I headed back out onto the main street feeling relieved to be on the right track, just to get lost a few more times before finally getting onto the proper tollway.

As I finally made it out of Boston the snow started to pick up. At first it was sweat little droplets, but soon enough they turned into quarter size downpours. It felt like space travel, how quickly it zoomed by the car and smacked onto the windshield with the wipers in extra speedy mode. Definitely not matching the measly 10 M.P.H. speed limit I had enforced (been forced) for myself. The ground quickly filled up with snow, and the lines on the highway could no longer be seen. Everywhere became a white wonderland and if I was driving on grass or gravel I wouldn’t have known.

Just as I came to a near hault and began to work my way to what I thought was the side of the road a huge tractor entered in front of me and began plowing. Slowly a congo line of cars formed behind the tractor and slowly we all continued driving. When the tractor exited the line would slow again for a mile or so until another plower entered, and on we went playing green light-red light, until finally in the distance I reached my final highway stretch leading me to where I would soon call home.

There were a few times I started to lose control and waver back and fourth.  I saw more than a few cars that had lost control and ended up in the highway median being helped out by Highway Patrol, and I wanted to do my best not to suffer the same fate.

At long last, after nearly 24 hours of travel and no sleep I made it to my friends house near Portsmouth, New Hampshire at about 11:00 P.M. A supposed 1 hour car ride from Boston ended up being a 5+ hour drive, but in the end it was all worth it as I sat with an old friend sipping hot coco and sharing stories. … that is until we had to shovel our car out, a relatively new experience for this Cali girl.

What’s your blizzard experience?